Saturday, February 23, 2008

Next Up...

Just found out this week about an upcoming conference in HK:

ESF 21st Century Learning @ Hong Kong

(ESF stands for English Schools Foundation, the largest group of English-medium schools in the city; they follow the British curriculum.)

I'm planning on submitting a proposal to lead a workshop there. I've met one of the key organizers, Paul McMahon, at a few other events in Asia, and I've spoken to a small rather informal gathering of tech-minded teachers in HK that he organized last fall. However, I've never done anything like this yet - lead a workshop for teachers I don't know from Adam - so I'm more than a bit hopeful / excited / antsy.

First step is to get my workshop proposal approved, and I've got until March 12 to submit my scintillating ideas. Thinking I'll submit to the "Information Literacy" strand...can't really see the ideas below fitting any of the other strands.

Working title: "Web2.0: Getting the Skeptics Started."

I'd want to share about how I've used this blog and my feedreader as my own individualized ongoing professional development this year. While I've not done a whole lot in my classroom with Web2.0 this year, I've nonetheless learned a ton from lurking around the edublogosphere. So, I could share some practical tips on getting an interested teacher started. Target audience would be the attendees who share my healthy skepticism for all this Web2.0 evangelism going on but aren't ready to throw the baby out with the bath water.

Right now that's not really condensed enough for a proposal, but with a handful of drafts I can see it getting there.

I'd be very very grateful for help vetting my ideas! To the handful of you out there who read my monthly posts, I'm counting on some feedback!

And if I get approval, I will be scouring the "design" tags in Dan's blog...

Happy Saturday! In HK today it is 20 degrees. Celsius. That's like 70 Fahrenheit. I just got back from a run wearing a t-shirt. Why people who have the choice to do otherwise would choose to live someplace that gets below zero just boggles my mind...