Sunday, May 04, 2008

HK 21C Learning: It's Done

Well, it came and went. My first time to stand up in front of an audience of peers and be granted the gift of one hour of their time.

Here's one way of looking at the numbers.

28: Number of slides in the deck
4: Number of pages in the handout
20: Number of handouts I brought to the session
5: Number of handouts I came home with
10: Number of people who joined my one hour session
5: Number of people who took an extra handout with them
1: Number of times I saw someone looking at my handout during the panel discussion instead of listening to the Important People on stage
4: Number of static pages I created on a wikispace built just for the workshop
2: Number of static pages I actually needed to build
0: Number of times I presented this to another live person before the actual go-time
3: Key sources of inspiration

9: On a scale of 1-10, how good I felt about the preso.

More detailed reflections to come. Meanwhile, check out the wikispace here:

And to top of yesterday, it ended with a wonderful surprise, something completely unrelated to the preso but completely awesome.

Nice to be on top of the world, ennit.