Monday, September 15, 2008

Thanks to Dan...

...I instantly saw how amazing this was:



Anyone who's teaching secondary humanities, please make sure to spend at least five minutes in class (or right before / after) sharing this image with your students.

Why should EVERY humanities teacher use this?

1. If you're teaching American History, and not doing any work on the election, shame on you.
2. If you're not teaching American History, current events needs to be a part of any humanities course. What bigger event is coming up than the fall election?
3. This is an exemplar of how to analyze and represent research data - a staggering amount of it.
4. Unpacking this image is a great exercise in how to analyze a primary source.

This is even relevant to my students in Hong Kong - I am scattering into the curriculum mini-lessons about the US election in my G9 Humanities course to help them learn more about the electoral system of HK, which is probably MORE complicated than the electoral college. AND the amendments to the system are currently a huge item of debate in the legislature / op-ed pages, with major changes proposed over the past two years.

Oh and - if design's your thing - go to Dan's blog and check out everything tagged "design". The guy loves the stuff with an infectious passion.